Presenting on ASP.NET Core at Csharp Corner Annual Conference

Hello All,

I am very excited to share you that I will be speaking in C# Corner Annual Conference 2016 which is taking place in NCR at COUNTRY INN & SUITES, Ghaziabad on 19th March’16. C# corner conference is North India’s largest developer conference where top notch speakers talks on technology and attended by thousand’s of attendees. I am presenting on the awesome features of ASP.NET Core (Previously known as ASP.NET 5/vNext).


I will be speaking in NCR after quite some time so very excited to meet you all again.

For the details of the conference, please click here.

Do register for the event if didn’t yet and can connect me if need any more info or for registration. There are many International Speakers are are speaking first in India. Refer the Agenda. So dont miss a chance to attend an awesome event.


Unspecified Error while installing ASP.NET 5 RC1 Update 1 : Solution

Hello All,

Recently I installed Visual Studio update 1 on few new azure VMs but when I started installing ASP.NET 5 RC1 Update 1, I got the below error.


I tried to find the details on internet but not much information regrading this information. I saw some people find another Hash problem with this package but after looking it closely I found it different. Later when I looked into the log, I found the below details

Log files shows that it is not able to download DotNetVersionManager_x64 from However, when I try from browser, it is downloading the msi. The error looks in the log as
[1124:12AC][2015-12-20T19:10:08]w343: Prompt for source of package: DotNetVersionManager_x64, payload: DotNetVersionManager_x64, path: C:\Users\WinS12R2Brij\Desktop\DotNetVersionManager-x64_rc1.msi
[1124:12AC][2015-12-20T19:10:08]i338: Acquiring package: DotNetVersionManager_x64, payload: DotNetVersionManager_x64, download from:
[1124:12AC][2015-12-20T19:10:08]e000: Error 0x80072f08: Failed to send request to URL:, trying to process HTTP status code anyway.
[1124:12AC][2015-12-20T19:10:08]e000: Error 0x80072f76: Failed attempt to download URL: ‘‘ to: ‘C:\Users\WINS12~1\AppData\Local\Temp\2\{782d25e1-8377-4417-a491-3013700fe300}\DotNetVersionManager_x64’

The error shows that it is preparing to download some packages but failing to send the request to the URL and returning some crazy HTTP status code anyway . I checked quickly internet connectivity as soon as I saw this error but it was working fine and even I tried to download from the requested URL directly from browser and it was downloading the package correctly.

After spending some more time and doing here n there, I downloaded the packages from all the URLs where it was failing and installed directly on my machine. I had to install three packages in the same to all the machines where I was getting the issue. Then I installed the original package and it ran smoothly. You can find the URLs from the log by looking specific line where you have Error 0x80072f08: Failed to send request to URL .

Before wrapping up, let me tell you that I didn’t find this issue on one of my machines but got the same on rest four VMs and some were having Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 technical preview. Two were having SQL 2014 and VS 2013 installed before installing VS 2015 update 1 and the above 1. On the machine where It went smooth without any issue that was also having similar configuration but I was using it from long time. Just provided this information for completeness as all the environment were quite similar.



A Great unification of Controllers: ASP.NET 5

This is another post on one of the cool features of ASP.NET 5. Microsoft introduced One ASP.NET concept with ASP.NET 4.5 which allows us to use MVC, Web API, Web forms in one project without any pain. But as we know that MVC and Web API follow the same coding constructs like controller, action but inherently they were different. There were some features like OutputCache (Refer one of my earlier post ) is available only with MVC not with Web API. Microsoft has redesigned ASP.NET MVC and Web API framework and made it truly one ASP.NET with vNext (ASP.NET 5). Now we can use the same controller to expose as an web-api endpoint and for returning the MVC views as well. As these are using the same framework now, all the features available with MVC can be seamlessly used with web api as well and vice versa.  Let’s have a pictorial look

Earlier versions of ASP.NET

All the MVC controllers are derived from Controller class under the name space System.Web.Mvc.

ControllersEarlier Continue reading