Simple steps to scale up WCF services drastically

Every .NET developer must have written/used WCF services  many times in different projects. But as long as the usage of the service are limited, it works smoothly. But as the number of requests increases rapidly, things starts become ugly. If the number of requests goes beyond a limit at certain time interval, you may start seeing critical issues like service may stop taking new request. As you will read this post, you will come to know the huge potential of your services and unseen ceiling applied by default configuration

In this post, I will be discussing two major items that can tremendously boost the performance of your services
1- WCF throttling
2- System.NET changes

WCF Throttling

Before moving ahead, the basic question arises that  What is throttling?

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wsdl ans Svcutil : Add Web Service Reference in VS 2010/2012

Hi all,

This is going to be a small post and I am going to share one problem that I faced few days back.

I received a service a web service URL that was written in some different technology other than .NET and I added the the reference of it using add service reference but when I compiled that application,I received many build errors.

Then I just realized that I am using Add service reference option and it uses svcutil.exe to create the proxy. As we know this utility was introduced with WCF and works well for WCF  services.

I recalled the way the way we used to write the WCF services like writing different contracts like service contract, message contract and message contract and the way we write in asmx web services is totally different. The assemblies are different as well. So I tried to find where I can get the option to Add Web Reference ( Although I had the option to use the command line utility). I found it here

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