Claim based Authentication : Part 4

Its a little gap in between my third and fourth part, anyways I am going to write 4th part of the series. First you can read my earlier parts from the link below.

As if you have read my earlier posts in the series, you can visualize  that in my first post I discussed about the Idea about Claim based authentication, basics and various components of Claim based authentication.

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Claim based Authentication and WIF : Part 3

This is third part of the Series on Claim based Authentication and WIF. In the first part we discussed the basics of Claim based Authentication and in the second part we explored the WIF and also discussed an example and made a Custom Identity Provider (IP) and ASP.NET application(RP). This ASP.NET application uses the Identity provider for authentication.

You can view earlier post in the series from the following links

Now in this post we will discuss the problems of the model that we discussed in our earlier Articles

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