About me

Brij Bhushan Mishra is having more than 8 years experience and currently working as Architect/Consulatnt and had a passion to learn about computers since childhood.

Learning and Sharing knowledge is the thing the excites him every time.
Digging deep into the things is his true passion.

He is 5 times Microsoft MVP-ASP.NET/IIS C# Corner MVP, CodeProject Insider, Former CodeProject MVPCodeProject Mentor,  and Platinum Memeber at CodeProject.

He is also associated to many online communities like CodeProject , DotNETFunda, KolkataGeeks etc and user groups like Delhi User Group, CsharpCorner Delhi chapter etc.

Educational qualifications:

  • He has completed MCA from NIT Durgapur.
  • He has done his graduation from Lucknow University, Lucknow with Computer Science.
  • MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional
  • MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .Net framework 4.0 – Web Applications
  • MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .Net framework 4.0 – Windows Communication Foundation Applications
  • MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: .Net framework 2.0 – Web Applications

Technical Expertise:

  • Langauges/ Technology:
    • C# 2.0, C# 3.0, C#4.0
    • .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
    • ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
    • AJAX,Callback
    • JQuery
    • JSON
    • Javascript,Object Oriented Javascript
    • XML,XSLT
    • WebServices
    • Winforms
    • WinServices
    • Exchange Web Services
    • Active Directory(LDAP)
    • WSS 3.0
    • WCF
    • LINQ
    • UML
    • Design Patterns
    • SignalR
  • Database:
    • Sql Server 2000
    • Sql Server 2005
    • Sql Server 2008
    • Sql Server 2012
  • Application Server:
    • IIS 5.1
    • IIS 6.0
    • IIS 7.0
    • IIS 7.5
    • IIS 8.0
  • Tools/IDE
    • Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012
    • VSS,Source Gear: Vault
    • Enterprise Architect
    • Visio 2003, 2007, 2010
    • Ants profiler,CLR Profiler
    • FxCop
    • NUnit
    • CruiseControl
    • TortoiseSVN

Prize winner in “Tips & Tricks Competition 2010”  at CodeProject

Prize winner in Competition Best ASP.NET article of November 2010 at CodeProject

CodeProject MVP Mentor at CodeProject
See complete list of his articles at CodeProject. Click here If you want to contact me or have any query, please leave a message here. I’ll reply ASAP.

42 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, men

    I’m develop a front-end app in ASP.NET 2005 for get something services from Exchange server.. but i’ need get GAL for enumerating users or contacts and Add to recipients CC/CCO…

    You know something about it? thanks for the help

    • I think, you must be using Exchange Web Services.
      Normally we use Active Directory to store and fetch the contacts. But Exchange also stroe the contacts. I am telling you about fetching data Contacts from EWS.
      So Contact is store as ContactItemType in Exchange. You can also create distrubution list. So below is the method given to fetch the contacts.


      /// fetching contacts based on the criteria

      /// Binding for the call
      /// Folder where FindItem will be performed
      /// ResponseShape for returnedContacts
      /// Property path to compare against
      /// lower bound string
      /// upper Bound String
      /// the offset into the result set to start at.( we can set it zero if we dont use paging
      /// Maximum entries for each page
      public FindItemResponseType GetContacts(ExchangeServiceBinding ebs,BaseFolderIdType folderId,
      ItemResponseShapeType responseShape, BasePathToElementType pathForRestriction,
      string lowerBounds, string upperBounds, int offset,int maxEntries)
      FindItemType request = new FindItemType();
      request.ItemShape = responseShape;

      if(maxEntries >0)
      IndexPageViewType paging= new IndexPageViewType();
      paging.BasePoint =IndexBasePointType.Beginning;
      paging.Offset= offset;
      paging.MaxEntriesReturned = maxEntries;
      paging.MaxEntriesReturnedSpecified = true;
      request.Item = paging;

      request.ParentFolderIds = new BaseFolderIdType[] {folderId};
      request.Traversal =ItemQueryTraversalType.Shallow;

      //Build up restriction
      IsGreaterThanOrEqualType lowerBoundsFilter = new IsGreaterThanOrEqualType();
      lowerBoundsFilter.Item = pathForRestriction;
      lowerBoundsFilter.FieldURIOrConstant = new FieldURIOrConstantType();

      ConstantValueType lowerBoundsValue = new ConstantValueType();
      lowerBoundsValue.Value = lowerBounds;
      lowerBoundsFilter.FieldURIOrConstant.Item = lowerBoundsValue;

      IsLessThanType upperBoundsFilter = new IsLessThanType();
      upperBoundsFilter.Item = pathForRestriction;
      upperBoundsFilter.FieldURIOrConstant = new FieldURIOrConstantType();

      ConstantValueType upperBoundsValue = new ConstantValueType();
      upperBoundsValue.Value = upperBounds;
      upperBoundsValue.FieldURIOrConstant.Item = upperBoundsValue;

      AndType and = new AndType();
      and.Items = new SearchExpressionType[] {lowerBoundsFilter,upperBoundsFilter };

      request.Restriction = new RestrictionType();
      request.Restriction.Item = and;

      //fetching the response from EWS
      FindItemResponseType response = ebs.FindItem(request);
      return response.ResponseMessages.Items[0] as FindItemResponseType;

      you can change it according to your requirement

  2. I have been reading your articles about using Exchange Web Services. At the end, you mentioned that you would write about Calendaring with EWS, something that I’m interested in doing. Did you write that article, or do you have some good reference articles that I can see?

    • Yes !!! I was writing on Calendering but it got left in midway and never completed.
      When I started my development with EWS it was very new, at that moment, there was very little available on Internet, that’s why I started writing those ones. Now you’ll get lot of materials on Internet.
      Look the following it’ll help you a lot

      Click here

  3. Nice job man.. these articles are really very useful for both beginner & experts…i particularly like those having shown advanced uses of jquery plugins & javascripts….

    keep up the good work….


    • Thanks a lot!! Glad to know that you find this blog useful. You can subscribe this blog to get updated for every new post.

      Also do let me know, if you want to see any specific topic in a post. I will try to have that one.


  4. Hai Brij

    I need a idea from you, am using silverlight to read my exchange folder, where i can start, i cant add EWS service to my silverlight application,. how i can do this in silverlight project, any ideas??

  5. Hi Brij,

    I went through your articles on Claim based Authentication and WIF. It was indeed very informative.
    In my case, scenario is like this. Client gets SAML token from STS service and passes the same to middle tier which is a WCF service. This WCF services makes call to other backend service which requires SAML token for the reasons you mentioned in the post. I can not use WIF to send SAML from Client->Middle tier since my client is running on Win XP. I am not sure if I can use WIF to send Middle tier->other serivces because these services are hosted on Win Server 2003. I am quite stuck up at how should I send SAML tokens to middle tier and then to backend services.

    • As you said your Client Application is running Win XP. Did you host on IIS 5 ? I dont think it’ll work. You need IIS 6 (Win server 2003) or above. Normally we dont host the applications on XP.

      Where are you facing issues? Whether passing the token from Client to WCF service or WCF service to other backend service? Both can be done.

      • Hi Brij.

        Thanks for your reply.
        I am not hosting any services on my Win XP client machine. By my WCF services are hosted on Win Server 2k3. I am planning to send SAML token as a string in custom soap header from Client -> WCf services.
        I am mainly facing issues with sending SAML token from WCF service -> Other backend services(hosted on WebSphere platform). I have considered creating custom security tokens but that seems like a lengthy task.
        Please provide your view on this.

        Thanks, Darshan

  6. Does your backend service not understand SAML token? Creating custom token is indeed a lengthy task and also not asvisable. So better you use the SAML token that is widely accepted and make the required changes at backend service.

    • Hi Brij,

      I am using SOAP messages to exchange request and responses so for that I am using WSE. WSE only supports Keberos and SAML tokens upto SAML 1.1. Requirement from backend side is just to pass SAML 2.0 token in Soap security (WSSE node within SOAP header).
      Please let me know tbe best approach according to you to implement this. Thanks.

  7. HI brij ..

    i am facing a problem in authentication and autherization in wcf …
    i have never worked on authntication part in my career … can u explain me how authetication works in real projects ………….please email me if u have some dumy proj for understanding security thingss..

    at brainyaashish@gmail.com

    hopin for some help………

  8. Hi bro
    I’m dotnet developer and now I am working on project needed sending email via exchange web service,also I read your sharing about using exchange web service. And now, I am hitted a weird problem with sending email on product server. My code runs perfectly on my dev machine but when moving to product server it throws error “request failed with empy response” .Can you please help me to figure out what’s wrong with these. Thanks you so much

    • Are you able to see WSDL of your service from production URL. Try this
      In some server configurations, requests to port 443 (https) are resolved to port 80 (http) by an ISA server. Web services on virtual directories that are set to listen for port 80 will generate .wsdl files with http addresses, even though the correct service address is https.

      When consuming such a service, this requires either: specify the webservice.URL value to the correct https address, or correcting the .disco, .wsdl and Reference.map file address values to be https rather than the http values they will pull down from the server.

      • thanks for your quick reply,my issue was fixed by using managed exchange services api and not using autodiscover method. But I still dont know how to fix problem with exchange web services.all the configurations you recommended,I checked and they seem correct because it actually worked perfectly on my machine

  9. Hi,i got new project,i have to work on Exchange web services,this new area for me.
    can you guide from where i can start or some documentation?

  10. Hi Brij,
    I like your articles on the WIF, it is nice and helpful~
    Actually right now we are starting a project on WIF. The system allows user login by their account/password from facebook/Live ID/Google/etc… We need to write the IdentityProvider for facebook/Live ID/Google/etc, noticed that your article “Claim based Authentication- WIF: Part 3” is just on this point, I am so exciting. Really looking forward for your next post on it. 🙂

  11. Hi Brij,

    I have gone through your WIF/claim based article. They are very helpful and thanks for sharing the knowledge in a very simple way with diagram. As explain in part-3 “http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/290606/Claim-based-Authetication-WIF-Part-3” , do you have any practile example on it. Also, at the end of article you mention that there will be next article, did you have publish it.


  12. Hi Brij,

    Great articles on angularjs, can’t wait for your angularjs 2 tutorials.

    Big Thanks and Cheers,

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