Learning {{AngularJS}} with ASP.NET MVC – Part 4

This is fourth part in the series on AngularJS and till now we have discussed some basic components and used those in our examples.The links of my earlier post on this series are

Learning {{AngularJS}} with Examples–Part 1

Learning {{AngularJS}} with Examples–Part 2

Learning {{AngularJS}} with ASP.NET MVC – Part 3

So what will we be covering today. Let’s see our picture tracker


In our earlier posts in the series, we discussed five components. As we see in the above image, in this post, we will discuss services again. Angular services is vast topic but I am discussing the important concepts. One of the important technology that we use in a web applications is AJAX. So in today’s post our focus would that how AngularJS enables us to use AJAX.

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