How to use Angular Filter in Controller, Factory, Service – Part 15

In last two posts, we explored about the Filters and saw that how easily we can create custom filter and use as Angular predefined filters. We have used these filters in views for a single as well as an array of items. This is a normal scenario but there could be some cases where you need to use these filters in other components like Controllers, Factory, and Services etc. I have seen many questions around this on different online forums. So I thought to discuss it in detail.

If you are new to Angular Filter or even if you have some idea about, I will highly recommend you to go through my below two earlier Posts then continue. In this post, I will use the same examples that I used in my previous two posts as well.

Exploring Filters in {{AngularJS}} – Part 13

Exploring Filters in {{AngularJS}} Contd. : Custom Filters – Part 14

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A Great unification of Controllers: ASP.NET 5

This is another post on one of the cool features of ASP.NET 5. Microsoft introduced One ASP.NET concept with ASP.NET 4.5 which allows us to use MVC, Web API, Web forms in one project without any pain. But as we know that MVC and Web API follow the same coding constructs like controller, action but inherently they were different. There were some features like OutputCache (Refer one of my earlier post ) is available only with MVC not with Web API. Microsoft has redesigned ASP.NET MVC and Web API framework and made it truly one ASP.NET with vNext (ASP.NET 5). Now we can use the same controller to expose as an web-api endpoint and for returning the MVC views as well. As these are using the same framework now, all the features available with MVC can be seamlessly used with web api as well and vice versa.  Let’s have a pictorial look

Earlier versions of ASP.NET

All the MVC controllers are derived from Controller class under the name space System.Web.Mvc.

ControllersEarlier Continue reading