Happy New Year – 2021

As we already entered the new year 2021, I would like to wish you all a very happy, prosperous, and healthy year. We have faced and seen a lot in 2020 that we never imagined even in our dreams. It has affected every person on this planet in one or other way and has been very depressing. The very human nature is to socialize but this pandemic has attacked this and left us isolated. Thanks to the internet which helped us to get connected but I am sure everyone agrees that it is not a replacement. Whatever the situation is, I am a true believer of the ShivaJi’s (A great Indian Warrior and King) lines “After every dark night there is a morning“.

Experts are also saying that we should be ready for these kinds of pandemics in the future as well. So its the time we start focusing more on health, family, and help to preserve nature.

I wish everyone to stay safe, healthy, focus more on the environment, spend time with family, and help others.




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