Recieved Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET/IIS) award second time in a Row

Thanks a lot to all my Readers and supporters. I received MVP award second time in a Row. It’s really a great achievement for me and all the kudos goes to my Readers and supporters.

I also would like to take names of few of my friends Abhijit Jana, Abhishek Sur, Kunal Chaowdary, Ravi, Srinandan and many more. and some other blog friends Daniel,  Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic and many others. They always gave their candid feedback which helped me a lot. I would also like to thank Mr Tanmay Kapoor (MVP lead).

I’ll continue blogging and speaking in coming years with the same enthusiasm and will always need you support and feedback.

Again Thanks a lot to all.