Received Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award 8th time in a Row

Hello friends,

I am very happy to share with you all that I have been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 2018-2019 in Visual Studio and Devlopment Technologies category. This has been 8th award in a row and this wonderfull journey started on 1st July 2011.  Since then 1st July have been a very special day for me as this is the announcement date and day for refreshing the inbox n number of times. I sincerely thank Microsoft for the award and Continuous recognition.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers, followers, seniors and friends throughout these years. It has never been possible without your candid feedback throughout these years.

Initially, I got this award way back in July 2011 in ASP.NET/IIS category which got changed to Visual Studio Development Technologies in 2016. This has been a long and very exciting journey and I have enjoyed each year as part of community and connecting all of you in various ways.

If you also want to know more details about this award you can refer MVP Award Home page and want to get this prestigious award then get the details from here. You can also contact me for any specific details on my email id brij.mishra [at] outlook [dot] com or tweet me at @code_wala and I will be very happy to guide you.

At last, I would say that I’ll devote more time to community with the same intensity and share my knowledge in different ways and learn from all of you. Your feedback is utmost important for me that I’ll seek every time.

Thanks again to all of you for your feedback and support.



Received Microsoft MVP award sixth time in a Row

Hello All,

MVP_Logo_Horizontal_Preferred_Cyan300_RGB_300ppiAgain, with all of your support and feedback, I have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award sixth time consecutively. Its really a great achievement for me and all the kudos goes to my readers, conference audiences and supporters.

I received my first award on July 2011 in ASP.NET/IIS category for the first five years. Now it got merged with other related categories and renamed as Visual Studio and Development Technologies. ASP.NET has always been close to me and if you have been following the latest changes in the framework which is ASP.NET Core then you will find it totally awesome. It’s modular, leaner, completely customizable and blazing fast which makes it closer to me. Last month, Packt published a Video Course on ASP.NET Web API using ASP.NET Core framework. I would encourage you to have a look on it.

I have been receiving lots of queries regarding Microsoft MVP program specially last couple of months so If you have any query or want any specific detail, do ask in the comment. I will answer there, so it will be useful to everybody.

Again thanks a lot to all of you. Do keep sharing your feedback and ask any specific question regarding MVP program here.


Got awarded Microsoft MVP fourth time in a row

Hello All,

imagesI am very happy to inform you all that I have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Award fourth times in a row. First time, I got this award on 1st July 2011 and getting it consecutively since then. It is really a great honor and matter of pride to me. I received this award ASP.NET/IIS category since beginning.

This award is never been possible without all of you. I would like to thank each one of you for your support and feedback. I will try to spend more time in community and sharing knowledge on various technologies.

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Recieved Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET/IIS) award second time in a Row

Thanks a lot to all my Readers and supporters. I received MVP award second time in a Row. It’s really a great achievement for me and all the kudos goes to my Readers and supporters.

I also would like to take names of few of my friends Abhijit Jana, Abhishek Sur, Kunal Chaowdary, Ravi, Srinandan and many more. and some other blog friends Daniel,  Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic and many others. They always gave their candid feedback which helped me a lot. I would also like to thank Mr Tanmay Kapoor (MVP lead).

I’ll continue blogging and speaking in coming years with the same enthusiasm and will always need you support and feedback.

Again Thanks a lot to all.