Learning {{AngularJS}} with ASP.NET MVC – Part 6

It’s been around a month since I wrote the fifth part of the series on AngularJS. We have covered a bunch of concepts in our last five posts. I will advise to go first the earlier posts then continue reading it. Links of my earlier posts on this series are.

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In our last post, we created a sample where we had a page that comprised two views : Talk details and Speaker Details. We fetched two sets of data (Talks and Speakers) from server via  AJAX call and rendered on the page using templates with the help of Angular rendering engine. In this application, we are going to use again the same application and add some more features which are relevant in our day to day coding.

In today’s post, we will use almost the same concepts that we discussed in our last post but use it for different scenario. Let’s put our picture tracker.

trackerHere I highlighted four components and we had already used it one or other ways in earlier posts. But we’ll discuss the new highlighted components briefly here as well.

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Presented on ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework on 18th Jan

Hello All,

It was a perfect day on 18th Jan 2014 at C# Sharp Cornet Delhi Chapter Event in Noida. The winter in Delhi was at peak and we all know (Dilli ki Sardi..) But we were enjoying the technologies with fun the entire day.  Around 70 attendees participated and learned the technology whole day. A big thanks to all the attendees, C# Corner, Co -speakers who made the day. A group click at the end of the event


I took the last session of the day and discussed MVC and Entity Framework which was full of Demos. I discussed following Topics

  • Basics of ASP.NET MVC
  • Basics of Entity Framework
  • Entity Framework
    • Database First
    • Model First
    • Code First
  • Crud Operation with ASP.NET and EF
  • Custom Templates and Data Annotation
  • Authentication
  • Authentication using External Identity Provider
Please find below the presentation and Demo.
For official recap of the event click here
Again thanks a lot to you all.