Presented at C-sharp Corner Delhi Chapter June Event

Hello Friends,

Again C# Corner hosted a rocking event on 22nd June and 100+ attendees made our day. The event was planned till 2:30 PM but it got extended till 4PM. This is third event in a row and every event is grand success.

The Official recap of the event is here

The agenda of the event was –

  • LINQ  in an hour by Dhananjay Kumar
  • Getting Started with ASP.Net MVC by Brij Bhushan Mishra
  • Getting started with Web API by Suchit Khanna

Dhananjay started with Linq in his own style and then I talked about ASP.NET MVC with many samples and examples. Last session was taken by our another Speaker Suchit Khanna who talked about ASP.NET Web API.

I discussed the following topics in ASP.NET MVC

  • ASP.NET Overview
  • Hello World Demo
  • Execution Flow of a Request
  • Model
  • View
  • Controller
  • Routing
  • HTML Helpers
  • A detailed demo with various scenarios.

The presentation can be downloaded from here  Hope you all have enjoyed it.

Speaking at the event

Speaking at the event

Wonderful attendees


Big Thanks to C# corner team for hosting the events regularly and Thanks a lot to all the attendees for making the whole event very interactive and lively.

We feel really motivated after each event to put more efforts into it as the audience find it useful and are regular to these events. We have a list of topics suggested by audience and we’ll make sure that those will be planned in coming months event.

In this event, C# corner also gave a quick preview of their new Chapter module. I find it really cool and user friendly.

The next event is planned on 20th July and the detailed agenda will be published soon. Keep watching the for the details at C# Corner Delhi chapter page here.

So we’ll meet in next event.



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