[Video] Learn Garbage Collector (Part -4) : Internals of Finalization

Today, I am going to post fourth part of the series on Garbage Collector. I have published three videos earlier. In first part of the series, I discussed about the basics of Object Creation and it’s life cycle. In second, I talked about the basics of Garbage Collector and How does is run and the steps involve in it. In the third part of the series, I discussed one of the very important concepts of Garbage Collector that is Finalization. Please find the links of earlier part below

[Video] Learn Garbage Collector (Part -1) : Object Creation and it’s life cycle

[Video] Learn Garbage Collector (Part -2) : How Garbage Collector runs

[Video] Learn Garbage Collector (Part -3) : What is Finalization

In today’s Video, I’ll be discussing about the Internals of Finalization. This is little complex but very interesting as well. One similar advice again, prefer watching earlier parts of the video before watching it.



Learning ASP.NET Signal R – Part 2

This is second post in the series on ASP.NET SignalR. You can access first post from the following link

Learning ASP.NET SignalR – Part 1

In this post, we’ll examine, How SignalR works on various environments. We’ll try dig it out with the help of an example.

First let me know, when you require real time update your UI?
A chat application?

Right. But it’s not the chat application only, you can use it at many other scenarios like any real time data requirement, collaborative applications, Real time loggers, Real Time dashboards, Games, Stock market, Real time news, Live match feeds etc… and many more.

But for this analysis, we’ll use chat application. And will discuss other scenarios in my next post.

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Learning ASP.NET SignalR – Part 1

Hello All,

Today I am going to discuss one of the new technologies that changed the way we used to think about How the web works. I’ll be writing a series on this technology and this post is first part of it.

You must have been working on the ASP.NET for long or might be since inception. And till date (or till this technology got introduced) , You got to know from every where that Web is stateless. A webpage is recreated every time from scratch it is posted back to server. In traditional web programming, all the information within the page and control gets wiped off on every postback.

I have taken the above lines from one of my post which I had written long back.

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