Exploring Filters in {{AngularJS}} – Part 13

AngularJS is one of the hottest technologies currently in market. Every web project built on any platform whether .NET, JAVA, PHP or any other, all are just embracing it. It is because the kind of power, flexibility, openness and many other awesome features provided by AngularJS. But I would say even we are using this framework in most of our web applications, but we are not leveraging the real power of of many features. In this post, I am going to discuss about Filters and how to get best out of it.

This post is again in the series of Posts of AngularJS and it is thirteenth in the list. To go though the previous posts in the series, click here.

Filters is one of key features provided by AngularJS and almost used in every web application. In this post, we will be exploring it with bunch of examples. We’ll start from basics then dig deep and create our own custom filter at the end.

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