What is View component: ASP.NET 5

This is the second post on ASP.NET 5. In this post, we are going to explore one another very useful feature of ASP.NET 5. The link of my earlier post on ASP.NET 5 is

 Getting started with Tag Helpers – ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 comes with another version of ASP.NET MVC that is ASP.NET MVC6.View Component is another very powerful got added with MVC 6. If you have not already gone through with this feature, you might just keep guessing about it and may correlate with multiple things. But this feature when you go through, you will enjoy it.

Before discussing this, How many of used Child Actions or know about that?

If you have used that you must have find it bit nasty. Child Actions are like a normal action but it can not be called by directly from url instead it is called from a view. The key usage of Child Action, when we want to reuse some part of UI at multiple places then we create a child action and use it at multiple places. One of the key issues was that with this, it makes another request to the server to call the action method, by going through the whole life cycle which makes the application slow. Also It can not be invoked asynchronously. Continue reading