Bind a CheckBox list from database using jQuery AJAX

Hi All,

I have seen many questions in the forums that how can we bind the CheckBox list from the database via Ajax. There could be many ways to do in an ASP.NET but I will be using the one of the most efficient options available .

In this post, I’ll be using jQuery Ajax to get the data from the server (that will be fetch the data from database) and then will create the CheckBox list dynamically.

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Call HTTPhandler from jQuery, Pass data and retrieve in JSON format

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Last few days ago, I was woking with HTTP handler. Here I was required to call handler from Client script. Later I found, that I need to pass some data to handler and also recieve some from it.

So I was looking for if there is some way we can pass some data to handler in some format and can recieve.

So Here I am going to share, How we can call a HTTPHandler from jQuery and can pass some data to handler and receive as well.

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