Presented on ASP.NET performance tuning in C# Corner Hyd Chapter Event : 12th July 15

11753645_10153514597568086_9069014579518330181_nHello All,

This was the first when I presented at a community event in Hyderabad. I was pretty excited for the day as I started hearing about this city since my college days due to its significance in IT. And yeah Microsoft’s develop center is also in this city. The day arrived and when I reached the venue, I found that most of the seats were full very early and we had some time to start the event as per schedule. Many kept standing throughout the event as the seats were already occupied completely. Here one point to be noted that we organized this event after long in this city and managed to get a venue which was not very known, also not easily accessible. I wasted more than an hour even when somebody was guiding me for the place on phone.

After seeing this much enthusiasm , I was eagerly waiting for my slot to speak and frankly speaking people here were amazing and very enthusiastic to learn new things. People kept me engaged even after the my talk till end of the event. There are few pics of the event.


During the Talk on performance tuning of ASP.NET Applications


After the talk, people huddled me up. Answering their queries.


For official recap of event click here.

We will be organizing similar event every month and try to find some better place next time. See you all at the next event.



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