Reinventing myself after attending #CSharpConf14

C# Corner hosted the C# Corner Annual Conference (#CSharpConf14) during 11-13th April at Noida. I privileged to get a chance to attend the event as an attendee and as a Speaker. The event was a huge success where around 850+ people joined from various cities across India. Everybody got a chance to learn from some of the most popular speakers from India and abroad.

This year speakers list was full of legends like Pinal Dave , Mahesh Chand , Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, Gaurav Mantri, Chris Eargle, Jason beres.There was 18 sessions delivered by around 10 speakers and I feel honored to be one of them. This list cannot be complete without taking a name DJ who worked tirelessly for months to make the event grand and successful.

For me, 11-13 April was few of the best days of life where I enjoyed every moment and got a chance to meet lots of people from different part of the country and it was awesome experience interacting with them. Everyone was talking on various topics which includes technologies, startups, ideas, jokes as well 🙂 and enjoying every bit.

I would like to thank four people whom I met at the event who changed my life professionally and personally.

Mahesh Chand – Mahesh Sir is the ultimate visionary who roped the sapling of C# Corner more than a decade back. The knowledge power and experience he has and shares, always enlighten and push me further to work hard and do more towards community. In one of the conversation during event, he made a terrific point to make the life better and said “Life is a party”. When we are in a party and enjoying it. During that time, we forgot every other thing of life and enjoy it most. According to him, It should apply everything that we do in our day to day life. Whatever we do it should let you forget every other thing. If we are not enjoying, it means that we are not justifying our life. His smile is awesome and makes you forgot everything.

Pinal Dave – Pinal sir needs no introduction. He is just a synonym to SQL. If you talk about speaking, he turns the hall into full of energy where every single attendee just become part of that.The passion about technology and the energy he carries, I haven’t seen ever. I got a chance to meet him first time during this event. I remember that he had to had to take a flight for Delhi at 6 in the morning and he was working on the presentation till 4 in the morning. When he reached Delhi, he was looking a fresh, talked to the C# Corner members and other community guys for the whole day. Again the next day, took three session and rocked the stage. You are awesome Sir!!  I learnt a lot of things during the event from you. Also  I got a chance to accompany him in a taxi while he was traveling back to Airport, he shared lot of experiences and gave many tips.

Gaurav Mantri – Gaurav Sir is one of the finest and loved person in the tech community. He worked on many startup and sold one to RedGate three years back. Although of being such a great stature, he is very polite and down to earth person. I get a chance to meet him quite a few times and the thing always excites me that even after having around 20 years of experience, his eagerness to learn, devotion to community and politeness.

Prabhjot Singh Bakshi – He is one of the best technology trainers from India and people love to hear him on various topics. I met him also first time in the event. Talking to him is like a bliss.One thing I like to share, He had to take a session during the event in afternoon and he was working on his demo for making better and more engaging since morning. A person who has taken hundreds of sessions in top events and organizations, was so keen for learning, working for making the things better, it was really inspiring for me.

I got re-energised after attending the event and planned to reinvent myself and the activities that I do. Yesterday, I met with my buddy Mr DJ again and did a brainstorming together. After that, I have taken first step and registered a brand new URL to my blog ( and also updated my twitter handle to @code_wala. Now I’ll be more active on social sites and share my learning on my blog more frequently. You all will see some more new things in coming days. Thanks to DJ.

(For official recap of event Click here)



2 thoughts on “Reinventing myself after attending #CSharpConf14

  1. Yeh, it was an amazing experience at #CSharpConf14 !!!
    This new domain “” is cool!
    I have a suggestion- if possible plz change Permalink (make it without Date). It short the length of URL and easy to read.
    I am struggling with accidental change in URL whenever I make updates on my old post, and also trying to eliminate date part.

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