JavaScript Day : Presented on Arrays in JavaScript

Hi All,

We had organized again a very successful event at C# Corner Delhi Chapter meet fifth times in a row. This was named as JavaScript Day and attended by more that 120 attendees . The entire day we discussed on Core JavaScript and we’ll cover more topics in coming monthly meet.

I discussed on JavaScript array and covered the following topics.

  • What are JavaScript Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Reading and Writing Array Elements
  • Working with Array Length
  • Sparse Arrays
  • Iterating through Arrays
  • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • Array methods
  • String as Arrays

Apart from me, Dhananjay discussed Functions in JavaScript an Suchit covered Objects in JavaScript.

Some pics of the event


Me with Dhananjay and Suchit.

finaltouchGiving final touch to demo and presentation

attendeesAnd the wonderful attendees.

Official recap of the event is available here

The presentation and demo is can be download from below link,

Hope you all have enjoyed the event and we’ll make sure that we keep doing such event to learn, share knowledge and meet each other.



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