Presenting at JavaScript Day on 31st Aug : Join us

Hi All,

C# Corner is going to organise another full day event 31st August at its Noida office.This event will be focusing one of the most used languages JavaScript. To Register for the event, Go to the link below.

To Register for JavaScript Day Click Here

This is a completely Free event.

I would be talking on Arrays in JavaScript and will cover the following topics

  1. Creating Arrays
  2. Reading and Writing Array Elements
  3. Adding and Deleting Array Elements
  4. Sparse Arrays
  5. Working with Array Length
  6. Iterating through Arrays
  7. Working with different Array methods
  8. Working with different Array type
  9. Working with Array as Object

Apart from this, Dhananjay will be discussing on Functions in JavaScript and Suchit will be talking about JavaScript Objects.

For complete agenda and other details Click Here.

And at the end of discussions, C# Corner will organize a Test and would distribute the certificates as well.

So hope you all will be excited. So see you all at the event.



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