Recieved my CodeProject MVP Certificate

My MVP Certificate

Today, I received my CodeProject MVP certificate. It’s really a great feeling and feeling blessed. First of all, Thanks a lot to all of my readers and supporters. Without their continuous feedback and support, It could not have been possible for me. I’ll also thanks to CodeProject to provide the such a great platform to all the developers, so that we share our daily problems, show our expertise and help others.

This also reminds me, what all I have done previous year, learn from it and do better in coming time. I’ll always to try to share my knowledge at various communities, platform and will expect your support 🙂

Again, Thanks to all of my friends (Abhijit, Kunal, Rahul, Petr, Marcelo… and many more) , all of my supporters and readers..


10 thoughts on “Recieved my CodeProject MVP Certificate

  1. Congrats Brijj,

    I really appreciate your contribution …..

    all the article are nice..

    keep it continue ….

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