Load your Visual Studio IDE faster

This might be a very small trick for all us and some of us may already know this. But who doesn’t know, they can save enough time while working with Visual Studio IDE.

As we used to spend a lot of time in our office/workstation while working with IDE. Normally we are also connected with the Internet. Whenever we install Vistual Studio to our system, then by default, when we open the IDE,  following screen is loaded.

Default As we can see, it includes some news section(marked in Red) that gets download via internet and some other stuff, like Recent Projects. Normally, only stuff that we use Recent Projects. Rest suff are some news that gets loaded online. Which normally makes the loding of IDE very slower, and even sometime after clicking on VS icon we have to wait for a while.

So we can change this behavior as most of the time, we don’t go through these in our daily life. Normally we used to open the IDE several times in a day during our normal cycle Home – Office – Home.

So for changing this behaviour, we have to go Tools->Options, then we’ll see the following screen,

Step 1Now check the checkbox “Show all Settings“, if not checked. Then go to Environment->startup and we’ll see the following screen.



Step 2Now from the first dropdown , we can select the option Show empty enviornment and unselect the Download content every checkbox.

Here we have several other options which we can configure based on our requirement, but above one is faster.

Now our IDE will open as

UpadtedIt may not look very colorful but Now you’ll feel the Visual Studio IDE loading much faster. Which saves your time and make you feel good.




Note: I have Visual Studio 2008 for the blog post purpose, we can do the same with Visual Studio 2005 also.

So enjoy your Visual Studio!!!

Happy Coding,



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