Thanks to all my readers and supporters

For me, it couldn’t have been a better start for a Year. I felt really blessed, when I received the mail by Chris ( Founder, The Code Project) that I am in the List of CodeProject MVPs 2011.

Again After 2 days, I received the mail, that I received a Mail by Sean(CodeProject), that my article Client Templating with jQuery is selected as Best ASP.NET article of November 2010. What a brilliant start.

And ironically, during these days, I was enjoying the Holidays in Manali with my wife Renu.

What a Year start !! Really felt honored and blessed. I want to heartiest thanks all my readers and supporters. I also want to thanks of some of my friends  Abhijit, Kunal , thatRaja, Abhshek, Srinandan,  Sudeep and lot more.. for their continuous support. Also want thanks some other CPians Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic and many others, who provided their candid feedback that helped me in better writing.

Again Thanks to all of you.


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