Got awarded Microsoft MVP fourth time in a row

Hello All,

imagesI am very happy to inform you all that I have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Award fourth times in a row. First time, I got this award on 1st July 2011 and getting it consecutively since then. It is really a great honor and matter of pride to me. I received this award ASP.NET/IIS category since beginning.

This award is never been possible without all of you. I would like to thank each one of you for your support and feedback. I will try to spend more time in community and sharing knowledge on various technologies.

I would like to name Mr Mahesh Chand and C# Corner. C# Corner is a fantastic platform for IT professionals which help in learning and career growth.

I would also like to name some of the legends Pinal Dave, Gaurav Mantri, Shiv Prasad Koirala and many more who always motivates  me. Some of my friends Dhananjay Kumar, Abhijit Jana, Amit Chaudhary, Abhishek Sur, Kunal Choudhary, Lokesh Vij, Sri, Sudeep.. and there is a long list, they all always lent me their support whenever I required. I’ve also learnt a lot from many blog friends Daniel, Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic, Sacha and many others.

How can I forgot to mention, my parents and my wife Renu who always support me and bear with me in tough times

At last, I would say that I’ll keep participating and devoting my time to community with the same intensity and share my knowledge and learn from all of you. Your feedback is utmost important for me that I’ll seek every time.


Received Microsoft MVP award third time in a Row

Hello All,

Again with kind support and feedback from all of you, I received Microsoft MVP Award third time in a Row. It’s a great achievement and made me satisfied for last year.  Here is the excerpt of the mail received from the Microsoft.

“Dear Brij Mishra,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2013 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in ASP.NET/IIS technical communities during the past year.”

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Recieved Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET/IIS) award second time in a Row

Thanks a lot to all my Readers and supporters. I received MVP award second time in a Row. It’s really a great achievement for me and all the kudos goes to my Readers and supporters.

I also would like to take names of few of my friends Abhijit Jana, Abhishek Sur, Kunal Chaowdary, Ravi, Srinandan and many more. and some other blog friends Daniel,  Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic and many others. They always gave their candid feedback which helped me a lot. I would also like to thank Mr Tanmay Kapoor (MVP lead).

I’ll continue blogging and speaking in coming years with the same enthusiasm and will always need you support and feedback.

Again Thanks a lot to all.



Received Microsoft MVP(Most Valuable Professional) Award – ASP.NET/IIS

Today is really one of best days in my life. Few hours back I recieved a mail from MVP program, that I’ve been awarded MVP status in ASP.NET/IIS for 2011. It’s really a great achievement for me. I would like to thank to all my readers and supporters.

This year is very special to me, as I got MVP status from in the beginning of the year. Now I received it from Microsoft.

Now I am really feeling blessed and honored. I also would like to say “Thanks” to all my readers and supporters. Also would like to name a few friends Abhijit, Kunal , thatRaja, Abhshek, Srinandan,  Sudeep and many more…. and some other blog friends  Pete O Hanlon, Alan Beasley, Petr Pechovic and many others, who provided their candid feedback that helped me in better writing/blogging.

Again a tons of thanks to all of you.



Recieved my CodeProject MVP Certificate

My MVP Certificate

Today, I received my CodeProject MVP certificate. It’s really a great feeling and feeling blessed. First of all, Thanks a lot to all of my readers and supporters. Without their continuous feedback and support, It could not have been possible for me. I’ll also thanks to CodeProject to provide the such a great platform to all the developers, so that we share our daily problems, show our expertise and help others.

This also reminds me, what all I have done previous year, learn from it and do better in coming time. I’ll always to try to share my knowledge at various communities, platform and will expect your support :)

Again, Thanks to all of my friends (Abhijit, Kunal, Rahul, Petr, Marcelo… and many more) , all of my supporters and readers..